Customisation & Specifications

Customization_Specifications_img03Optima windows & doors are also customizable to suit different needs. You can mix and match the finishing, specifications and accessories to create the perfect system that best fits your requirement.

The windows and doors are assembled with the finest accessories in the market. Most of the important parts such as rollers, handles and lock sets are imported from Europe, made by world-known manufacturers. The parts are tested and picked to match the design of our windows and doors to ensure ease of use, hence offering you a tasteful and comfortable lifestyle.



Available in the following options:



Optima Panel System features multiple functions within a single structure of a window to a door.
*Glass and aluminium louvre windows can be built into a casement window (option) before building into the Optima doors.

Available in the following options to be built into the Optima Doors:



Available in the following options:

  1. Powder coated colour finish.
  2. Wood grain finish.



  • Allows trapped water to be drained out of the window frame.
  • Available for all windows



  • Powder coated aluminium handles imported from Italy.
  • 2-point locking system (top & bottom).
  • Additional 2 point in the middle section if height more than 5ft.
  • Multi-point locking system.
  • Available for all windows and doors except Optima 11m, 11a, 68 and 78.



Available in the following options:

Laminated Glass

  • Two or more sheets of glass combined with PolyVinyl Butyral (PVB) interlayers.
  • Prevents breaking free during impact as glass fragments adhere to protective interlayers.
  • Provides durability and multifunctional benefits with design versatility.

Tempered Glass

  • Heat-treated glass which is several times stronger than ordinary annealed glass.
  • Manufactured by heating up the float glass to a high temperature, then blowing air onto its surface cooling it down swiftly and uniformly.

Low-E Glass

  • Pyrolitic multi-layer coating glass with high reflectance to infrared.
  • Able to keep solar radiation and heat radiation from passing through.
  • Prevents heat from going in and keeps the inside heat from going out.
  • First choice for energy efficient glass. Double Glazing
  • Two glass panels in the same frame, separated by a small space.
  • Able to reduce the loss of heat from the home during colder weathers.
  • Improve sound insulation by creating a barrier between the home and the environment outside.
  • Able to reduce the amount of sun and heat entering the room.

(All types of glass are available as clear or tinted.)