Benefits of Installing Sliding Doors

5 Benefits of Installing Sliding Doors

Getting sliding doors for your home is a wise decision because of its numerous architectural and practical advantages. Sliding doors have extra wide glass panes extending from the top to the bottom of each door panel. This structure maximises all-natural light, meaning that the interiors remain brightly lit during the day. Here are the five top benefits of installing sliding doors in your homes:


1. Energy-Saving
Sliding doors are effective insulators to guarantee that your home remains warm or cool according to the weather, all year round. Sliding doors are equipped with Santoprene gaskets to provide maximum thermal insulation – essentially serving as weather and sound barrier and preventing dust, draughts and rain out of the house.


2. Indoor/Outdoor Flow
Sliding doors provide a seamless flow between the outside and indoor spaces of your house. Since the sliding doors have wide glass panes, they provide all-year-round views of your backyard and panoramic views beyond. Sliding doors have a streamlined and simple look that fits with most architectural designs.


3. Safety and Security
In the past, sliding doors have gained a reputation for being unsafe because they have not often been built using safety glass. Today, though, much of this has changed as sliding doors are made with laminated glass. Security is an important factor when investing in sliding doors. Residential property owners can search for sliding doors with built-in gaskets, aluminium seals and fixed leaves for maximum security. In addition to the seal, search for a hook-over locking device that stops the moving leaf from being pulled out of the case. Strong and secured sliding doors are often built for extra stability, providing a connection between your enclosed sanctuary and the great outdoors.


4. Save Space
Sliding doors work without a hinge – they actually move down the track instead of swinging open. This ensures that no extra room is required for the door arc since it simply opens by one door moving over another wall. Sliding doors travel effortlessly on their rails – to unlock those doors, you only need to softly push them aside and they are going to slip open. This provides convenient access to the outside areas, which are extremely useful in Malaysia’s hot and rainy climate.


5. Sleek Design
Installing sliding doors brings an exquisite aesthetic to every house. They have a streamlined and simple look that harmonises with most architecture trends, as well as an extremely versatile and realistic nature that maximises natural light, outdoor views and provides easy functionality.


Here at Optima Window, we can assist you with professional advice and installation for sliding doors or windows for your home. If you are considering either of these options, give us a call today.

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