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How to Select the Best Security Screen Mesh Door

Buying and installing a screen door is a home improvement project that you can probably handle yourself if you are handy or have confidence in your DIY abilities. You must, however, select whether you want a hinged, retractable, or sliding screen door. Additionally, depending on the complexity of the existing door frame, you may want to consider hiring a professional contractor to handle the project. Discover the factors to consider before purchasing and installing a new screen door.


What Should I Know Before Purchasing a New Mesh Screen Door?

The primary goals of a screen door are to improve airflow, increase natural light, block insects, and provide some weather protection for your home’s exterior doors. A new screen door can also help improve curb appeal.

Almost every exterior door in your house should be able to accommodate a security mesh screen door.

The screen may also be replaceable or glass-encased. In this situation, the security mesh screen door is referred to as a storm security mesh door.

Depending on your preference and the structure of your doorframe, standard hinged screen doors can usually be attached in front of or behind your exterior doors. Sliding or retractable doors may need to be installed on one side only to fit the tracks within the existing door jamb.

Types Security Mesh Screen Door

Security Mesh Screen doors come in a variety of styles and sizes, depending on the size, shape, and style of your current door frame, the design of your home, and your personal preferences.

  • Hinged Screen Doors / Swing Door
    Hinged screen doors, the most popular form of screen door, are just a conventional hinged door with a screen instead of a solid material. They typically feature three-part hinges on aluminium or vinyl frames and may include sliding or locking glass panes. Some hinged screen doors contain dampeners to prevent them from slamming shut owing to wind or drought.
  • Sliding Screen Doors
    These are standard sliding doors, but instead of a glass panel or other material, they have a security mesh screen. They move up and down a track with rollers or tensile springs. If your home has sliding glass patio doors on the back or sides, you will most likely require these types of screen doors.
  • Stainless Steel Screens
    Treated stainless steel has a gleaming silver finish that will not corrode or discolor over time. This screen lets in fresh air without interfering with bug protection or your outdoor views. When combined with the proper locking system, stainless steel is also strong and durable, making it one of the safest screening materials.

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