Open Up Your Living Space with Sliding Door

Open Up Your Living Space with Sliding Door

Space is the largest asset in most homes. How do you work with creating more space in your home without eliminating doors and walls? The answer is quite simple: You can install swing and slide doors instead of using swing doors which require space when opened and closed.

How this works: Not to be mistaken with pocket doors that drop through a wall, sliding doors have track and roller systems that are directly connected to the wall, resulting in simple installation and fast activity. This is an excellent alternative for brick, concrete block, or wood-framed walls that involve piping or wires that would find it impossible and expensive to add conventional swing doors where you can make a major difference with minimum effort.

How a sliding door saves space: Unlike a regular hinged door that needs 10 to 14 square feet of floor space to open, a sliding door takes up marginally less space because it does not swing open or take space of any room it is placed in. And since the door slides open, a table, chair, desk or other pieces of furniture may be put next to the door without interfering with the door.

Imagine the possibilities: If your kids are expanding out of their current rooms or you need more space to walk about in the living room or dining room, having more floor space will encourage you to bring more furniture, provide more design possibilities, or simply have more space to be around your family. If you’ve wanted to find creative ways to bring more security to your space, then Arxtech sliding doors might be the key.


Slide doors are suitable for all locations in your home, including bathrooms, kitchens, corridors, closets, utility rooms, playrooms and home offices. Through creativity, you’ll discover even more spaces which can be widened with the use of sliding doors. The simplicity of functioning sliding doors often makes them ideal for homes with disabled occupants. Sliding doors also come with multiple universal designs which complements any room it is placed in. If you feel your home is in need of more space, just choose a sliding door from our range of sliding door designs.

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