In every way,
At any time.

A motorised sliding glass roofing system that lets you immerse in the great outdoor within the comfort of your home.

The sun, sky, rain, wind & trees..

Optima SKY is designed to create an unobstructed view of the sky and the scenery surrounding your home under any weather conditions, with just a push of a button. The new skylight roof in Malaysia. 


Enjoy some of your favorite activities outdoors within the comfort of your home, be it under the warmth of the sun or the calm of the rain with the transparent roof in Malaysia. 

Fully Customisable, User-friendly, Stackable, Compact and Low Maintenance.

Optima SKY is perfect for Bungalows, Semi-Ds and commercial lots and it can be customised to suit your lifestyle needs. In fact, it is so versatile that you can use the enclosed outdoor space for any activity without any structural complications. This is an alternative skylight in Malaysia

Depending on the size of the space, you can mix and match different configurations such as the size and number of panels, 1 or 2-way sliding system, the type of glass and also the profile and finishing of the aluminium frame, an alternative retractable roof in Malaysia. 

You can also choose to terminate the end of the space with either an opening, a door or panel system from our Optima series.

You can find more information by getting in touch with us. We’ll be happy to walk you through all the options towards building your perfect home with glass roofing in Malaysia. 

Your Favourite Moments, Your Space, Beneath The Open Sky.

Optima SKY can be custom made based on the following options and features:

1. Number and size of glass panels:

2. 1 or 2-way system

3. Frame finishing:

4. Optima door system

5. Panel options*:

6. Optima Panel System

Optima SKY sample configurations

1-way sliding system

(both sides with opening)

Here is an example of how you can turn an outdoor area into a semi-enclosed space with opening on both sides. It is suitable for exterior compounds such as backyards or sides of semi-detached and bungalows with no walls or obstructions.

1-way sliding system

(joined against a wall or structure with one side opening)

This creates a semi-enclosed space outdoors with one side of the panels covered by the wall. It can also serve as an extension to a door of another area of the house, such as the dining or living room and if you’re having a barbecue party, just retract all the panels for a full outdoor experience! Using Optima SKY retractable Glass Roof. 

2-way sliding system

(both sides with opening)
This configuration creates a temporary large enclosed outdoor event space using the 2-way system. Here, the sides are covered with a door and some window panels from our Optima door & panel system collection for great accessibility and a temperature controlled environment

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information on your upcoming renovation or builing of landed home.

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