Laminated Glass

4 Surprising Benefits Of Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is a wonderful substitute to regular glass, providing a durable, robust design that’s hard to crack. Laminated glass is ideal for use in several forms and is a material that is becoming increasingly common. If you’re thinking of introducing glass to your landed home or company, we highly suggest installing laminated glass instead.


Laminated Glass
Laminated glass is composed of two folds of glass that are bound together with interlayers to create a lasting bond. The interlayers function to sustain and hold the glass to build a solid, uniformed coating even when it is damaged thus providing more safety. Laminated glass is available in differing thicknesses and can be manufactured with various combinations of glass or coatings to provide certain qualities, such as low pollution (Low-E) or improved insulation.

Laminated glass provides a very powerful but translucent layer which makes a perfect alternative to conventional glass in a variety of applications:

  • For use of buildings where strong wind or other natural hazards face a high risk
  • As windows for your home or commercial office at greater risk of break-ins
  • Including show cabinets for valuables, such as jewellery stores
  • Aquariums and wildlife enclosures
  • Glass flooring
  • Glass staircase
  • Glazed roofs


Advantages of laminated glass

  1. Increased security: the quality of laminated glass renders it nearly difficult to crack, such that any unwanted individual will fail to gain access. And if a breach were to arise, the interlayers would keep up the power of the framework enough that it would be incredibly impossible to expand the void.
  2. Reduced pollution: low-emission glass can help to minimise the heat gain from the light, enabling air conditioning to be used less often and lowering emissions. The addition of a dense piece of laminated glass allows noise waves to be disturbed as they pass across the object, helping to minimise noise pollution.
  3. Increased safety: since the glass does not crack when shattered, there is a decreased chance of anyone getting cut or hurt by glass fragments.
  4. Security from natural hazards: as natural events or volatile conditions arise, laminated glass window Malaysia can stay in its frame, reduce the likelihood of injuries and render life-threatening conditions marginally better.

Final words

The wide variety of designs of laminated glass, including several types of textures, shades or shades are the best type of glass for your home. Contact us today to get the best design and material for windows and doors upgrade for your home as we are the best laminated glass door supplier in Malaysia.

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