Arxtech Security Sliding Door

Arxtech Security Sliding Door

Adding ArxTech’s Sliding Doors to your home would be a smart move as there are many functional advantages to doing so and also it would add an elegant aesthetic to any accommodation. We offer a practical design that maximizes natural light or perhaps you are doing so to get a better view of the whole place in general, perfect to keep an eye on things around your place. Nonetheless, ArxTech offers the best Sliding Doors with the highest-grade mechanisms for your safety and comfort.

Our sliding doors are unlike any other ordinary system the market has to offer. Furthermore, it has a minimum of 6-point locking system in place that is highly effective in securing your house from any intruders. To make your experience smooth and trouble-free, the sliding doors come equipped with rollers, most doors come with. Thus, the two crucial accessories together giving ArxTech’s Sliding Doors a graceful and luxurious feel well suited even for the minimalist’s preference perfect for any setup of Semi – D, Bungalow or Luxurious Villa.

To allow for more quality assurance, our Sliding Doors are made with 2.8mm (1.4mm + 1.4mm)  or 2.4mm (1.2mm + 1.2mm) thickness High Tensile Stainless-Steel Wire that is joined together in a mechanical and chemical bond, rendering the door more robust than any other sliding door in the market. So, you can feel safe and secure while counting on the door to stay sturdy in all circumstances the competitor sliding doors would normally fail in.

To finish off the wonderful design, the Aluminum door frame is available in any of the extensive variations of colors that the valued customers see fit for the style they are going for. The colors being in an attractive Powder-coated color or a lovely Wood-grain finish, the powder coated finish being to 2.0mm to 3.0mm thick aluminum. And in case the customer is unable to decide between the various hues and textures, our consultants will provide well suited advices for the best color or finishing that would harmonize with architectural design the most.

Despite the functionality of our products being tested for durability to the maximum, we offer a warranty for the Security Mesh and Powder Coating/ Wood-Grain finish for 12 years, and in addition to that, the warranty for the accessories (such as rollers and handles) being 6 years.

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Specifications :

Premium Quality Handle and Locks (Germany / Italy)

Minimum 6 Multipoint locking system

High Tensile Stainless-Steel (SS316) wire of 2.8mm (1.4mm + 1.4mm) or 2.4mm (1.2mm + 1.2mm) thickness

Clear Unobstructed View

Allow Fresh Ventilated Air In / Prevent Annoying Bugs Out

Concealed Hidden Hinges

Product Testing

Our products are designed through meticulous research and testing in order to give you the highest levels of protection. While other brands of security mesh will simply break down from multiple barrages, ArxTech will be able to withstand the harshest punishments, and still remain intact and fully functional. All ArxTech products are put through stringent tests before they are authorised for production. These tests include:
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Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.
Call +60361433099 / WhatsApp 6017-316-2932

Why Should you Choose Arxtech?

At ArxTech Security , we believe the products should be designed to protect your family and home from would-be intruders and perform its task better than any other products in the market. During our design process, functionality, durability and style are all given equal importance. ArxTech Security Mesh is ready to be the first, and the last, step for your comfort and security.

Optima Window is highly experienced in the manufacturing extremely secure windows and doors, we have formed a bond where we put our experts and teams of professional consultants of 24 years to revolutionizing your experience with our products, giving you the best that the market has to offer for your landed Semi – D, Bungalow or Luxurious Villa, Contact Us Now.

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