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5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Folding Doors

Folding doors are becoming more common every day in Malaysia, but with so many other door choices in the market, every homeowner has a major choice to make when selecting new exterior doors for their house. Folding doors may make a fantastic investment over French doors or conventional sliding. There are many other reasons you…

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The Royale Cheras - 35 - Arxtech Security Mesh - Aluminium Casement Window

Safety Windows and Doors: Top Benefits of Security Mesh

When we think about strengthening the protection of our house, we also think of how to strengthen the security of our doors and windows, since they are the first line of defence to dissuade intruders and criminals. Investing on security mesh window and door is certainly an efficient solution to solving your security issues by…

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Energy-saving Doors and Windows

High energy savings windows are specially built to hold the desired temperatures within to block out sun, cold and moisture. These windows offer multi-glass, low-energy coatings and of course, energy saving. Many homeowners don’t know that most of their home’s electricity emissions come from their walls. Old (especially single-pane) windows do not have the latest…

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Top 4 Things to Know About Aluminum Windows

When it comes to a landed residential project, a high performance aluminium window set is one of the most essential element. We use aluminium windows for a variety of reasons: they are highly practical, maintenance-free and complement the clean designs of modern architecture. They are far more cost-effective than wood or steel windows. These windows…

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Why Should You Choose Louvre Windows?

Many homeowners in Malaysia are learning that high-quality louvre windows are a smart idea. These windows are constructed of horizontal blades or slats – besides aluminium, the blades may also be made of glass, wood or other materials. The blades of the Louvre windows are positioned or laminated so that they can allow in the…

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5 Benefits of Installing Sliding Doors

Getting sliding doors for your home is a wise decision because of its numerous architectural and practical advantages. Sliding doors have extra wide glass panes extending from the top to the bottom of each door panel. This structure maximises all-natural light, meaning that the interiors remain brightly lit during the day. Here are the five…

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