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What to Know Before Buying Casement Windows

What Exactly Are Casement Windows?
Casement windows, as opposed to windows that open and close by moving the sash up and down, open and close like doors thanks to a hinge linked to the frame’s sides. The majority of casement windows include a crank that you turn to open and close them. Others (usually older versions) include a latch that, once opened, allows you to simply push the window open and close it with your hands.


Side breezes are captured by casement windows.
If you want to improve air flow in your home, a casement window can help. The open sash of a casement window serves like a flap, allowing winds to enter your home. If your house is surrounded by other houses, the angle of the casement windows may allow you to capture winds. The sash efficiently draws in air and directs it into your home.

However, if the prevailing breezes are blowing in the other direction, this might work against you. Breezes that pass over the tops of casement sashes will not be able to enter the house. The wind is blocked by the casement sash.


Clear Views Are Provided by Casement Windows
Do you enjoy the clear, uninterrupted views that fixed, or picture, windows provide? But you also want to be able to open the window. A casement window is a great compromise between fixed and movable sash windows.

When closed, casement windows are the only form of window that can exhibit a whole, uninterrupted sheet of glass. Other windows have at least one strip separating them. Because double-hung and single-hung windows are made up of two sashes, they feature a horizontal strip in the center. A vertical strip runs across the top of the slider windows. Fixed windows lack a strip yet do not open.

At the same time, casement windows are artistically versatile enough that separating strips can be used if desired. A functional vertical divider is included with dual sash casement windows. Non-functional muntins are strips of wood, vinyl, metal, or fiberglass that split big sashes visually into several smaller sashes. These faux muntins are fitted as clip-on accessories or between the double glazing (two panes of glass).


Casement Windows Offer a Completely Open Window
The only form of window available on the normal consumer market that completely opens is a casement window. In essence, you are removing the sash away from the home, which is only linked by one thin side. The only other option for a more fully open window is to remove the sash entirely.

All other sorts of windows only open halfway or less. Double-hung windows can have either the top or bottom half of the window open. Sliding windows feature only one side that is open. The fixed windows are never open.


Casement Windows Are Safe Than Other Types of Windows
No sort of window can completely prevent burglars from breaking into your home. All windows have weak places, and even the most protected window may be broken to let an attacker inside the residence.

Optima Window Casement windows, on the other hand, are extremely difficult to break into in comparison to other types of windows. Breaking the glass on other windows allows you to fully open the window. When the glass of a double-hung window is broken, for example, the burglar just has to reach in and turn the latch on top of the bottom sash. This allows the attacker to lift the sash and enter the house without having to deal with shattered glass.

Casement windows, on the other hand (save for push-open windows), can only be opened by turning the window handle. Breaking the glass allows access to the handle, but turning the handle through shattered glass is difficult. Some homeowners increase the security of their casement windows by adding Security Mesh Casement Window.

Casement Windows Are Superb Than Ever!
There are a few drawbacks to casement windows. One long-standing issue is the mechanical operating systems of casement windows’ propensity for failure. Our windows and door have undergone massive RnD for the opening and closing mechanisms to address this issue.

Another option is to do away with the opening and shutting system entirely. Some businesses provide push-open casement windows. Aside from the hinges, the only mechanical function with this sort of window is the tensioning components that open the window.


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