Things to Know About Aluminum Windows

Top 4 Things to Know About Aluminum Windows

When it comes to a landed residential project, a high performance aluminium window set is one of the most essential element. We use aluminium windows for a variety of reasons: they are highly practical, maintenance-free and complement the clean designs of modern architecture. They are far more cost-effective than wood or steel windows. These windows often do a fine job of matching the other aluminium parts, such as sliding doors. Although these decisions and requirements of high performance aluminium windows generate an effective window kit, here are the four things you need to know about these windows:


1. Its proven durability can last up to 40 years
Aluminium is one of the strongest materials for doors and windows. It is sustainable and has high resistance to heat and extreme weather, which prevents warping and rotting for a long time. Buying high-performance aluminium windows and doors mean that you are investing in a near half-century worth of product. This not only saves cost (which is always preferred), it is also durable and strong in protecting your home from unwarranted threats. Hence, aluminium is often preferred to other materials for its safety, cost and longevity factors.


2. Thermal efficient
Historically, aluminium windows and doors have been associated with poor thermal efficiency qualities. However, that is the products of the past. With Optima Window’s High-performance aluminium doors and windows owned profile now have been tweaked and design to withstand the highest and lowest temperature. Thermal efficiency is not only related to durability to heat, but also energy efficiency and efficacy. Simply said, high thermal efficiency saves your electricity bill and low efficiency means a higher bill. When the weather is hot, aluminium with high thermal efficiency will keep out the heat, while on cold days, less heat will escape thus creating a warm environment. Thermal efficiency is now one of the main aspects taken into consideration especially for electricity and green saving advocates. If you want to save cost while saving the earth, then aluminium doors and windows are the answer.


3. Various designs and colours
One of the things we love as consumers are options, as many as there could be. And with aluminium windows and doors, you got it. No matter the aesthetic and architectural design of your home, you can incorporate high-performance aluminium windows and doors to fit in. There are various colours to choose from and finishes options for every home. From modern homes with sleek designs to stone houses with colourful walls, you can choose the design of your door and windows without having to worry about it not fitting in. The best thing is it lasts long, so your design and aesthetic will last for years to come.


4. Easy Maintenance
Spilt water or collecting dust on your window sill or door frame? Don’t worry, with aluminium doors and windows, it is easy to clean. Just dust, wipe it and clean it off every 3 months and you are good to go! If you’d like to ensure your window and door last longer with quality like new, then paint them with powder coating as it adds durability to your windows and doors while still giving a high-quality and seamless finish. At Optima Window, we offer only the most durable aluminium doors and windows to ensure the maintenance is always low for you!



If you want the best windows and doors options, then Optima Window can provide you with a variety of aluminium products to suit your needs.

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