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Outdoor Aluminium Louvres: Current Designs and Trends

Outdoor louvres are an excellent method to manage the quantity of light, ventilation, and heat in an outdoor environment. Furthermore, aluminium louvres are fashionable.

Their architectural lines enhance the appeal of any property. The most recent louvre design blends performance and elegance. Louvres constructed of aluminium blades, for example, are both stylish and long-lasting.

The Louvre’s designs are becoming increasingly radical. Continue reading for more information about the most recent outdoor louvre designs and trends.


Why Should You Have Outdoor Louvres Installed?
Outdoor louvres are ideal for creating shade and managing heat in outdoor spaces. The louvres may be adjusted to accommodate changing weather conditions.

For example, you can open them half or completely to let in light and pleasant air. You may also close them as soon as it begins to rain to protect soft furnishings and furniture from water damage. Furthermore, louvres make a significant design statement.


The Most Recent Louvre Designs and Trends
Louvre designs that focus on increasing energy efficiency are one of the most recent trends. You can, for example, install a louvre roof system that rotates at an angle of 180 degrees to allow a cool natural breeze to circulate throughout your home, reducing your reliance on air conditioner units.


Latest Looks
Aluminum blades with powder coating are quite common today. You may paint them in whatever colour you like or to match the existing colour scheme in your home.

Louvres with anodized surfaces are also making a strong reappearance in the market today. Anodized surfaces are ideal for use in coastal homes because they do not corrode. Textured wood finishes are also becoming more popular.

Textured wood finishes are typically applied to aluminium louvres to make them look like wood while still being easy to maintain and tough.


Size of the Blade
The louvre blades are becoming both smaller and larger in size. Some designers create mini blades, while others create extremely large blades for specific applications. A blade as small as 70mm or as large as 300mm is available today.


Louvre motorization is a developing design trend. Because of their improved operability, motorised louvres are now preferred by more homeowners.

Some are opened and closed using a remote control, while others are operated by sensors. The sensors detect current weather conditions and automatically close or open the louvres.

For example, if there is evidence of rain, the sensors will detect it and close the louvres.


Louvres that are vertical
Vertical louvres are another developing design trend. Vertical louvres have a striking architectural effect, particularly when used as a fence or a wall around courtyards and outdoor rooms. Furthermore, you can fully lock them to increase the security of your home.


Styles are available.
Louvres in modern forms have a waterproof and remote-controlled roof system. A roof system controlled by automatic sensors is also available.

Sun louvres are also available for roofing or vertical applications such as garden screens and fences.


Are there any low-cost options?
If the cost of an automated louvre roof system exceeds your budget, you can consider less expensive options such as incorporating a partially opening roof system into the existing roof.

You can also install a louvre roof system over your outdoor dining area or near the outdoor barbeque to protect it from the elements while still allowing for ventilation and natural light.


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