Security Mesh

What is Security Mesh – The New Security Door and Window for your Home

Security mesh panels are commonly used as a penetration-resistant screen behind safety windows and security doors. Its thickness should be more than 0.35mm. They can be manufactured from various materials, such as fibreglass, aluminium and stainless steel, and are woven and patented in mesh to ensure safety and security. Bear in mind that the security mesh fabrics used for your protection windows and doors will impact the degree of safety they offer. Of all the materials listed, high-grade stainless steel security mesh provides the best performance in terms of impact resistance and cutting resistance efficiency to provide an improved defence. Arxtech Security Mesh are equipped with High Tensile Stainless-Steel (SS316) wire of 2.8mm (1.4mm + 1.4mm) or 2.4mm (1.2mm + 1.2mm) thickness


What are the benefits of installing protective mesh windows and doors?

1. Powerful and sustainable
One of the most distinguishing characteristics of the security mesh framework is its power. It is an extremely durable and long-lasting obstacle that can survive any effect and crack through attempts. The properties of a woven fine mesh render it difficult to slash, gouge or split even bullets with any sharp firearm. They can also survive harsh weather and environmental corrosion conditions such as acid rain.


2. Holding mosquitoes out
Security mesh will even serve as a grid and mosquito net to hold mosquitoes, insects and pests at bay, ensuring that your comfort is not affected.


3. Improved ventilation and natural lighting
Without opening your doors and windows, the protective mesh adds fresh light to your property and helps to enhance the airflow of your house. You will still reduce your carbon emissions and electricity costs, despite offering you fresh air and warmth.


4. Maintaining Privacy
Security mesh works as two-way mirrors to offer you a direct and unobstructed vision of the outside world, whilst the passersby can’t see within your building. This gives you a sense of privacy and protection.


5. Design Outlook
Security mesh is flexible when it extends to a range of items, such as housing windows, opening windows, sliding doors, swing doors and folding doors. They’ve got no limitations on the venue. They are ideal for all styles of property and architecture, such as villa, bungalow, shop, studio and so on. The protective mesh often appears subtle and good from the outside when opposed to the traditional steel bars that render the buildings appear cold and uninviting. You may also tailor them to various colours and sizes according to your preferences and designs. Through installing security mesh windows and doors, you can kill two birds with one stone, as they are aesthetically attractive and also secure.


Final words

It is advisable to look at the price and specs before purchasing one in order to prevent buying fraudulent goods or recycled materials. Ensure the goods conform with our public safety criteria and standards. It is safer to purchase good quality security mesh doors and windows so that they can last longer and their quality is assured.

In conclusion, security mesh windows and doors have a number of advantages. Installing security mesh windows and doors would be a wise decision if you want to enhance the security of your house.

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