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5 Aluminum Window Frame Design Ideas

A window frame is made up of the sill, mullion, head, and jamb, and it forms an aperture for the window glass and sash. Simply described, it is the window’s outside edge. If you want to upgrade your window frames, you should think about the various aluminium window frame design ideas available to you.

Beyond aesthetics, the design of your window frames will have an impact on your home’s faรงade, lighting, ventilation, durability against harsh weather, energy efficiency, and more. Aluminum window frames, among other window framing options, undoubtedly cater to all of these properties.

Currently, aluminium window manufacturers in Malaysia provide a variety of aluminium frame designs to accommodate the varying stylistic preferences of homeowners.

In this post, we will discuss several frame design options for aluminium windows.


Aluminum Casement Window Frames
Casement aluminium windows, like doors, are hinged on one side and open outward. These have a handle that may be turned inside or outward from the sides.

Casement windows, among the several aluminium window frame designs, provide areas with great ventilation and lots of natural light. Its swing can be opened wide without being obstructed by a centre mullion, making it an ideal window frame design for those who want to enjoy a more expansive view of their surroundings.

When closed, the aluminium casement window frame provides a tight seal, increasing a home’s energy efficiency and security. This is ideal for homeowners who want the highest level of security for their homes.


Aluminum Window Frames for Single Hung Windows
The single-hung window is a popular aluminium frame style. A single hung aluminium window frame, as the name implies, has only one moveable sash. The lower moveable sash glides up, while the top sash stays immovable.

The most significant benefit of singletop-hung aluminium window frames is their energy efficiency. Because only the lower sash is operational, there is less heat loss. This style of aluminium window frame is also ideal for narrow spaces, such as windows facing pathways.

A top hung aluminium window frame, on the other hand, provides less ventilation than a casement window because only one sash can be manipulated. This is something to consider if you live in a warm climate or if your home requires additional ventilation.


Aluminum Window Frames with Double Hungs
Aluminum window frames with double-hungs are very popular. Double-hung window frames, as opposed to single-hung window frames, feature two moveable sashes. This allows them to be opened wider, increasing the amount of airflow they provide.

Aside from that, the most significant advantage of double-hung aluminium window frames is their ease of maintenance. Get rid of the need for a ladder just to clean your aluminium window frame! Because the sashes have enough space for your hands to reach through, you can clean them from the inside of your home. This window is suitable for the majority of homes.

A double-hung aluminium window frame, on the other hand, is more prone to air leakage than a casement window. It might not be the best option for individuals looking to increase their home’s energy efficiency.


Aluminum Window Frames for Awnings
Aluminum window frames for awnings lean outwards. This is why it cannot be put in areas where there are potted plants or other impediments. These might make it difficult to open the window frame. This will not be an issue if put on recessed walls or second stories.

When opened, awning aluminium window frames provide adequate circulation and illumination while also offering seclusion to your house. One of the most significant advantages of awning aluminium window frames is that they keep raindrops out of the room.


Aluminum Sliding Window Frames
The panes may swing open to the sides thanks to sliding metal window frames. This is a popular and reasonably priced window frame option for many homes.

Sliding aluminium window frames (Optima 67), like casement and double-hung window frames, provide lots of airflow. These are also free of centre mullions, allowing for unobstructed views of the outside.

Sliding aluminium window frames are also very stylish, which is why they are frequently seen in modern homes. However, because they are relatively simple in design, they can easily fit into a variety of architectural styles.

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