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Aluminum Folding Doors: Characteristics

What exactly are aluminum folding doors?
Bi-fold doors, foldable doors, multi-fold doors, collapsible doors, and foldable sliding doors are all names for aluminum folding doors. This type of door is made up of numerous panels or pieces that may be opened and folded from the inside or outside. They are primarily constructed of an aluminum door frame, glass, a swing arm component, a rotating mechanism, a track, and wheels. When you open the door, each panel folds back and stacks on top of the others. At the same time, it will move to the side to make more room. These distinguishing elements distinguish the conventional French door and sliding door.

  1. Fundamental materials
    Folding doors are often constructed of aluminium alloy, and the worldwide standard for thickness is 1 – 2mm. However for Optima Window products, it is at least 2-3mm. As a result, folding doors that satisfy such criteria are extremely strong and resistant to deformation. The price of aluminium alloy is quite high due to the high cost of raw ingredients.
  2. Tracks and wheelsย The aluminium folding door’s rails and wheels are entirely composed of high-quality aluminium alloy. In this manner, the folding door may be easily folded and expanded, allowing the opening space to be maximised. After a lengthy amount of time, it is also difficult to distort.
  3. Glass
    Compared to sliding doors and French doors, folding doors require a relatively large area of glass. For safety purposes, it is recommended to select laminated glass which is more secure and safe although it has a higher price point than float glass. There are two types of glass used for folding doors, which are single glazed and laminated glazed. In general, laminated glazed folding doors perform better in terms of strength, thermal insulation and sound insulation. They also prevent condensation and reduce damages of sun and heat to furnishings. Hence, single glazed folding doors are mostly used for the kitchen and bathroom doors while laminated glazed folding doors are used for balcony and patio doors.


The Benefits of Folding Doors

  1. Folding doors may help you conserve space while also adding convenience and comfort to your life. They are linked by many parts that may be shifted to the side to take up less room. When needed, a simple push-pull or slide-and-fold movement may effortlessly link or separate two sections. Unlike standard swing and sliding doors, which can only be opened to a limited amount, folding doors, which use folding technology, can be folded and extended to the maximum opening capacity. As a result, folding doors are frequently used in interior design and as the entrance to public locations. They make smooth transitions from interiors to outside and give a panoramic perspective of the outdoors by doing so.
  2. Most folding doors are constructed of lightweight materials. They offer high heat insulation, fire resistance, noise reduction, acid and alkali resistance, and corrosion resistance. As a result, folding doors are commonly used as modern bathroom doors, kitchen doors, balcony doors, and so on.
  3. Aluminium folding doors are trendy, modern, and may boost the aesthetic value of your living space when it comes to architectural design. It is appropriate for all types of villa doors, including living room doors, balcony doors, store doors, studio doors, and garage doors.

To summarise, aluminium folding doors are attractive, lightweight, simple to use, secure, and save space. When compared to wooden and steel doors, installing an aluminium folding door is more cost effective and lasts longer. Choose a high performance aluminium folding door if you want to install a door that is secure, long-lasting, and requires no maintenance.


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