The Royale Cheras - 35 - Arxtech Security Mesh - Aluminium Casement Window

Safety Windows and Doors: Top Benefits of Security Mesh

When we think about strengthening the protection of our house, we also think of how to strengthen the security of our doors and windows, since they are the first line of defence to dissuade intruders and criminals. Investing on security mesh window and door is certainly an efficient solution to solving your security issues by improving the security of your property and ensuring ultimate safety to your family and loved ones. While their primary function is to provide security and defence, security mesh systems have a variety of other benefits.


The Royale Cheras - 43 - Arxtech Security Mesh - Aluminium Sliding Door

1. Increased standard of protection and defence
Installing security mesh doors and security mesh windows are efficient ways to secure the house from burglaries and robberies. When choosing a security mesh device, it is preferable to use a security mesh made of high tensile stainless steel wire mesh, such as ArxTech Security Mesh. It is proprietary and woven into a fine mesh, durable and long-lasting protection that can survive any split in attempts.

Compared to standard windows and doors that are quick to rust, tampered with and smashed through, high-grade protective mesh windows and doors have exceptional impact resistance capability and superb cutting resistance efficiency to hold intruders at bay. It’s certainly one of the most significant items if you live alone. Other than deterring intruders and robbers, protective mesh windows and doors often hold insects and pests that will compromise your comfort outside your home.

The Royale Cheras - 10 - Arxtech Security Mesh - Aluminium Folding Window

2. Preventing injuries
Installing protective mesh windows and doors is successful in keeping your pets and toddlers secure. Safety doors and windows allow them to see the view and appreciate the breeze whilst avoiding their proximity to the outside and injuries, allowing you peace of mind while you’re stuck to work and household chores.

3. Unseen and clear
Without opening the windows and doors, security mesh windows and doors allow sunshine and fresh air to reach the interior. They give you a good vision of the outside when the passer-by can’t see inside your building. This offers you a sense of privacy thus providing a light-filled, spacious and relaxing living space.
Compared to traditional steel bars, protection windows and doors can be quickly unlocked for rescue in case of fire or other emergency scenarios. A decent standard safety door and a safety window are both fire retardants. They’re going to help avoid the flame spread.

4. Requires Minimum Care
Safety doors and protection windows need limited repair since they are not impaired by factors such as rusting, fading and rotting. They are successful in dealing with different environmental challenges to work over a long period of time.

5. Great Design
Security mesh windows and doors are not only designed to be solid and sturdy, they are also exceptional in their versatility and aesthetic appeal. The protective mesh appears subtle and graceful from the outside when opposed to the traditional steel bars that render the buildings appear cold and uninviting. In addition, they work well for all sorts of interior and exterior designs and can be personalised in terms of shades, measurements and other features depending on your styles and requirements.


Final thoughts
In conclusion, security mesh doors and windows are flexible, practical, stable and sturdy. They are reliable disincentives that will guarantee your protection and comfort. There is no need to rely on low-quality doors and windows since you can receive quality and beautiful design in your hands while selecting security mesh windows and doors.

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