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What Is a Security Mesh and How Does It Keep Your Home Safe?

With the availability of security mesh screens, you can now have a highly secure door and window that protects you and your family while also providing a slew of other benefits that improve the comfort and aesthetics of your home. Most people believe that security screens and insect screens are the same thing, but they are not. Let’s take a closer look at what security screens are and how they contribute to the safety of your home.


The Advantages of Security Mesh Screens for Home Protection

High grade security screens, as opposed to regular screens, are designed with innovative features to improve the protection of your doors and windows. Security screens must be extremely resistant to many conditions such as adverse weather, external force and impact, and efforts to cut or destroy them.

Steel mesh panels are utilized as a penetration-resistant screen behind windows and doors to give increased security and protection. The mesh itself is responsible for the protective quality of these screens: security mesh is built to guarantee that the thickness of the wire mesh is thicker than the usual market thickness, giving it superior impact resistance and high cutting resistance quality.

With the combination of these features, these security screens considerably reduce the risk of burglary or unwelcome intruders without the use of heavy bars or grilles, which have their own set of risks. Security screens also outlast traditional metal grilles and operate effectively in all weather conditions. Rain or shine, these screens can withstand strong winds and extreme humidity, making them an ideal long-term house investment.

Other Advantages of Security Screens

Today’s security screens are more than just a home security feature; they also provide other benefits that improve your home environment:

  • Insects repellents:
    Because security screens are made of finely woven mesh panels, they are exceptionally effective at keeping insects, particularly mosquitos, at bay. With dengue cases on the rise, these security screens are an excellent choice for Malaysian homes because they protect against mosquitoes and other insects.
  • Child and pet proofing your windows:
    Security screens are ideal for windows on higher levels because they prevent falls from open windows. This is especially helpful in households with children and pets. Even if it is only two stories high, there is still a risk of children and dogs slipping out of windows and balconies. If your precious little ones become curious about what’s outside the window, security screens provide a strong protective barrier. Furthermore, if you choose a high-quality screen, the stainless steel material is strong enough to prevent pets from scratching or damaging the mesh.
  • Views and ventilation:
    The best thing about security screens is that they eliminate the need to sacrifice outdoor views or natural ventilation in order to have a more secure window. While security screens are made of finely woven mesh, they still allow natural airflow into the home, ensuring that your home is comfortable even when the windows are closed all day.
  • Improve house aesthetics:
    Because of their tiny mesh, security screens fit nicely with practically any type of window or door. It is a discrete element that does not alter the original form of your entrance, ensuring your home’s façade appears sleek and clean. In fact, the addition of a security screen door and window can sometimes improve the aesthetics of your home because these screens have a modern appearance.


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