Why Should You Choose Louvre Windows

Why Should You Choose Louvre Windows?

Many homeowners in Malaysia are learning that high-quality louvre windows are a smart idea. These windows are constructed of horizontal blades or slats – besides aluminium, the blades may also be made of glass, wood or other materials.

The blades of the Louvre windows are positioned or laminated so that they can allow in the breeze and light while holding out the intense sunshine and rain. Simply use the lever or handle to change the blades. If you’re contemplating louvre windows for your house, here are some of their advantages.

  1. Increased opening ability – You can open windows that are twice as wide as normal windows. This makes full airflow throughout your living space, as well as the spacious effect the louvre window brings.
  2. Adjustable blades – The adjustable blades help you to regulate the amount of breeze you like. To produce maximum cooling results, tilt the blades upwards which guides cold air to the ceiling.
  3. Quick cleaning – Louver windows are far simpler to clean than most windows. For example, both sides can be washed, which means that they are especially practical for homes with more than one floor.


Final thoughts

Louvre windows are the best window to choose because it not only allows decent airflow, it also gives diffused light and privacy into your home You don’t require curtains or blinds, and you can control the airflow into your house which you desire.

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