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Home Protection While Working From Home: Doors and Windows Security

Globally, most of us now are working remotely from the comfort of our own homes. However, as we settle comfortably and spend our times inside, the security risk we meet is as high as working at the office. Your belongings and techs such as computer, laptops, tablets, smartphones, smart TV and so many more are all in your home. Even with the service of security guards and CCTV around your neighbourhood area, it is best to ensure that the last defence for your home is the strongest. And that final and most important defence is the security of your doors and windows.


When buying and choosing high performance doors and windows, apart from the aesthetic feature, you have to check and measure the security feature of the door and window as well. The best feature to look out for is security mesh windows and doors. Security mesh has a safety design with high resistance to heavy impact and shock. This means these type of doors or windows can withstand strong impact without breaking or being damaged. In addition, this resistance and high security mean the door will last for years and look perfectly new. So it is possible for you to get both aesthetic quality and security with your security mesh doors and windows.


Next, it is important to decide on high resistance materials for the doors and windows. The foundation of any doors and windows are the frame. Choosing an aluminium frame is always better and the only choice in the 2021 market. The best feature of aluminium frames is their durability. Even if met with extreme weathers, aluminium frames can withstand outdoor elements such as heat and moisture and survive up to 30 years without any warping or rotting. Apart from its strength and security, high performance aluminium windows and doors are easy to maintain and clean. You can keep its colour, shine and glow consistently over the years by cleaning it every 2 months or so.

Finally, I have to emphasize the final defence which completes your security door and window; the lock system. Nowadays, there are many types of locks and bolts for doors and windows, from the old lock and deadbolt to locks. Optima Window utilizes award-winning imported locksets for durability and high security. These locks have proven themselves over and over again prioritizing only on security and high functionality of the locksets. This is the recommended way to secure your home.


Closing Thoughts

Security for your home is an essential investment as we spend more than half our lives living in the house. Through the developing technologies now, we can be as secured as ever, especially with features such as mesh security windows and doors, aluminium and strong built materials and high-tech security locks and bolts.

If you want the best windows and doors options, then Optima Window can provide you with a variety of aluminium products to suit your needs.

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